Radon programme
The approach for new buildings
The approach for exist. buildings
Czech experience

Radon programme in nowadays practice is concentrated on

protective measures, that should not only reduce exposure to radon in new buildings (preventive measures), but in the existing dwellings (interventions)

based on the legislation for regulation and control of all possible radon sources (radon from soil, building materials, water)
quality control system - the detailed assessment of radon in soils is an integral part of building permission, the planning authorities are responsible for their approvals, all producers and importers of building materials and the water suppliers are controlled by inspectors of the State office for Nuclear Safety
surveying the situation - representative survey of radon occurrence in houses in the whole territory of the Czech Republic
target survey of dwellings with higher radon concentrations
better radon awareness of the public and all state authorities, informative materials
assistance to people owing the houses with higher indoor radon levels, the offer of the state support
development of methods for measurements and of protective measures

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