Research Projects

Research Projects

Beside commercial activities, RADON v.o.s. corporation has participated in several research projects:
  • Improvement of the uniform method for radon risk classification of foundation soils
  • Local radon risk maps
  • Influence of tectonics on the radon potential
  • Temporal and spatial variabiLIty of soil-gas radon concentration
  • VariabiLIty of radon with depth
  • Determination of soil permeabiLIty
  • Statistical evaluation of soil-gas radon concentration data
  • Testing of regional radon risk maps reLIabiLIty
  • Radon availabiLIty model
  • Radon database
  • Comparison of calcULated and measured soil-gas radon concentration and radon exhalation rate
  • Development of radon protective measures
  • Design and appLIcation principles for radon protective measures
  • Testing of radon resisting membranes, radon diffusion coefficient
  • Sub-slab depressurization system
  • Ventilated air gaps
  • Effectiveness of radon remedial measures

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