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Sampling system - soil gas sampling, transport, accessories

The soil gas sample collection method consists of a small - diameter hollow steel probe with a free sharp tip pounded into the depth of 0.8 m below the surface, soil-gas samples are collected by using a syringe and introduced into evacuated scintillations cells.
The simplicity of this system is very practical for easy and quick soil gas sampling (similar sampling technique was described by Reimer, G. M. - Reconnaissance Technique for Determining Soil Gas Radon Concentrations, Geophys. Res. Letters 17, 1990, p. 809).
The active area is created in the head of the probe (driven into the soil to a measured depth) by the extrusion of the "lost"sharp tip by means of the punch wire inside the probe.

sampling system for 1000 soil gas samples contains:
  • small diameter hollow probe 12/2 mm, length 1050 mm, 20 Pcs
  • "lost" sharp tips, 1050 Pcs
  • rubber tube 14/2 mm, 1 m
  • drive in head, 1 Pcs
  • rubber stopper, 10 Pcs
  • file (used for grinding the probes) 1 Pcs
  • hammer, 1 Pcs
  • punch wire, 5 Pcs
  • retractor (used for removing the probe from the soil) 2 Pcs
  • needle, 50 Pcs
  • syringe, 2 Pcs
  • cyLInder for syringes (reserve cyLInders for better seaLIng during collection) 10 Pcs
  • carrying bag for probes 1 Pcs

Soil gas sampling :

At first the sharpened tip is inserted into the lower end of the sampling probe (12 mm diameter). The probe is pounded to the desired depth using a hammer and a drive in head (not to break the upper end of the probe). Then the sharp tip is moved a few centimetres lower (using the hammer after inserting of the punch wire into the probe), which makes the cavity at the lower end of the probe. Finally the upper end of the probe is connected with the syringe (using a small part of the rubber tube, a rubber stopper and a needle), and the soil gas sample can be collected. Then the sample is introduced into a previously evacuated Lucas cell.

Accessories for transport and easy sampling :
  • Transport bag for 96 scintillations cells
  • Carrying case for 32 scintillations cells
  • Carrying case for "lost" sharp tips, retractors, a hammer and a file



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